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Chynne's Mini Capsule Pack - Bright

Introducing my first capsule wardrobe!

Mini Capsule Pack's will be available at Lush Fabrics from 6pm WST Wednesday 12 February 2020:

For my first capsule wardrobe, I pulled out the most versatile knit pattern I know – the Wiggle by Patterns for Pirates. There are so many things I love about this pattern. It is great value for money, with EIGHTY-FOUR outfits. It may appear to be a simple fitted dress, but this little gem is so much more. Let me show you why…

 Here is the Wiggle dress:

This is Gold Gilded Roses Double Brushed Poly (“DBP”). DBP is suuuper stretchy, soft, light and comfortable.

The amazing quality SBP and DBP from Lush Fabrics has no fraying, no curling, no unsightly ends and NO HEMMING! I repeat – no hemming!

 I did not hem the skirt.

I did not hem the sleeves.

I did not hem the waist.

I cut straight across the waist to make this a two piece, which allowed for plenty of combinations. So of course I had to make even more Wiggles (I want to be Rainbow Wiggle and be besties with Emma)!

Let’s welcome a little black cardigan:

I used Black Suede-Look French Terry from Lush to make the Clueless Cardigan from Made for Mermaids. French Terry is much thicker than DBP, it has small loops on the wrong side (similar to bath towels) and is smooth on the right side. With less stretch than brushed poly, it makes for a snug fit. This fabric likes to curl under and getting ratty on the cut line, so I hemmed both top and bottom.

Cue yet another Wiggle skirt from French Terry:

Cardigan makes for an easy black top too:

Still not done! I paired the Roses DBP skirt with a Wiggle top, sleeves cut off to make it strapless. The colours are so vibrant, and I love how the Mustard Double Brushed Poly (“DBP”) brings out the golden leaves. Both fabrics have a similar thickness and feel lovely together.

Yet another Wiggle top, this time an off the shoulder, half sleeve top out of Tangerine DBP:

Back to the Roses top – I paired it with a Sierra Romper Short from Made for Mermaids, out of Mustard DBP from Lush. These are light little shorts.

Some caution with brushed poly – solid colours are less forgiving. Because the fabric is stretchy and thin, it does not cover up… much. Definitely have to wear the right underwear!

Same Roses top again, paired with the French Terry cardigan and skirt:

Here is both French Terry items together:

Simple black skirts just go with anything…

This top is the Naomi by Made for Mermaids. It was my first time using DTY, which you may not have used either. It is a slinky type of knit fabric, and is cool to the touch. It feels more breathable than brushed poly, and is slightly thicker. It provides more support than brushed poly, but is nice and light for summer. Kind of reminds me of swim fabric.

This is the full DTY outfit – Naomi top with Sierra half circle skirt both Made for Mermaids:

I particularly love it paired with the Tangerine DBP as it brings out the lovely red of the roses:

With strapless Mustard DBP Wiggle top:

Or Sierra Romper shorts in Mustard DBP:

And lastly – the full Mustard DBP set:

The French Terry cardigan could be added to most of these outfits to extend the total outfits of THIRTY-TWO outfits!

Here is the summary of each fabric with yardage:

 Gold Gilded Roses Double Brushed Poly – 1.5m

  • Wiggle top, crop, over shoulder, ½ sleeve – 0.6m (up to 42 inch waist)
  • Wiggle pencil skirt, above knee 0.9m (up to 46 inch waist)

 Black Suede-Look French Terry – 2m

  • M4M Clueless cardigan, cropped, ¾ sleeves – 1.15m (up to 46 inch waist)
  • Wiggle pencil skirt (up to 46 inch waist) 0.9m

 Mustard Double Brushed Poly – 1.5m

  • Wiggle strapless top 0.5m (up to 46 inch waist)
  • M4M Sierra romper shorts 1m (up to 38 inch waist)

 Tangerine Double Brushed Poly – 1m

  • P4P wiggle top, short sleeve, off shoulder (up to 46 inch waist)

 Summer Lovin’ in Royal Blue DTY  – 2m

  • M4M Naomi top 0.75m (up to 42 inch waist)
  • M4M Sierra mini skirt – 1.25m (up to 46 inch waist)

Hope my little recap has given you some useful information – thanks for coming along this journey with me!



  • Excellent presentation and description of fabrics
    I enjoyed it very much

  • Love your capsule! Thanks for giving me ideas of how to best make my fabric work for me .

  • Stunning! Wow – there’s just no ways you could buy ready-to-wear outfits for the same price, let alone stamp (haha, did ya see what I did there? ☺️) your own personal style on your garments. Love it all ❤️

  • Gorgeous capsule wardrobe Chynne! I received the gold gilded roses in a mystery pack and couldn’t decide how o use it. Seeing your combinations has opened my eyes to new possibilities :) Thank you for sharing your capsule!


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