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One pattern, five fabric bases

Nowadays there are so many different fabric bases available, it can be hard to get to know them all.  We try very hard to give you the best idea possible of what fabric feels like and how it behaves but sometimes you just need to see it sewn up and even better if you can see it sewn up next a fabric you are familiar with.

It was my lucky day when Pattern Emporium brought out the Be You Tee, I desperately needed a great t-shirt pattern and it is the perfect pattern to sew up using different bases to demonstrate the difference in them.

My first Be You Tee was made using Black and White Stripes 180gsm cotton spandex.


My version of the Be You Tee is short sleeves, mid banded neck and shirt tail hem.  Other than grading to suit my shape I didn't make any adjustments to this t-shirt and I love it, the only change I made to my next Be You Tee's was to take 1 inch out of the length so it sits a little better on my short frame.

Be You Tee number two was made using Heather, Rayon Spandex.

This t-shirt feels like summer!  Rayon spandex is great for the warm weather, it breathes beautiful and it is lovely and light.  This fabric base does get a bad rap sometimes because it has great stretch but not so great recovery so it can grow on you during the day.  Using it for t-shirts though is perfect, there isn't enough weight on it to pull it out of shape and make it bigger at the end of the day.  I did use some clear elastic in the shoulder seams on this one to give it some extra stability.

Next I used Line up, single brushed poly.

This fabric is a vertical print but as brushed poly has such great stretch both horizontally and vertically you can change the orientation of the fabric to however you prefer it aesthetically.  For this t-shirt I preferred a horizontal stripe, it was so easy to achieve.  I made no changes to my third t-shirt and didn't feel the need to use clear elastic for extra stability.

My next Be You Tee was made specifically for a night out.  I knew this event was coming up and I had nothing to wear (really, it's true!).  So I wondered how the Be You Tee would look in a dressier fabric, I think it turned out really well.

I used Taupe Crocodile Ponte, this fabric is thicker than the others that I have used and has less drape, I still really like the end result though.  I decided not to hem this one because of the thickness of the fabric, I didn't want to add any bulk to it.  Paired with dark jeans and nice boots I felt ready for a night out.

Be You Tee number five is my favourite and on high rotation in my wardrobe.


This fabric is Black Rayon Modal, a beautiful light, breathable, soft fabric that is amazing for summer and is now my go to for this pattern (I have three other colours washed ready to be sewn up).  I just love the drape of this fabric in this pattern.  I did use clear elastic in the shoulder seams of this t-shirt however, this fabric feels more stable and not as likely to stretch out as rayon spandex does.

I hemmed the bottom of the shirt but then couldn't wait any longer to wear it!!  I wore it without hemming the sleeves and I still haven't, it doesn't get much time to just hang in my wardrobe, I want to wear it all the time so I haven't gotten around to those hems.

This t-shirt I generally wear casually with jeans or shorts and flat comfortable shoes but I think it looks great dressed up too.

That is me all set for summer now that I have my go to tee sorted.


  • Thank you for showing the different fabrics sewn into tee"s. I liked 3 of the fabrics. I loved how each of the fabrics looked. I am cautious about buying fabrics online as I have bought 2 fabrics which I don’t like. But can be used as testers. Lyn C

    Lynette Constable
  • This idea of yours is marvellous! All these new fabrics can be overwhelming, and it’s one thing to read about them but to see them the way you have is truly helpful! Keep up the good information!
    Your favourite….the Rayon modal…….does you justice! Beautiful!!

  • Great concise review of fabrics, complemented with great photos…..Thank you

  • This is a great idea, Tracey. I am someone who really feels the need to touch and play with fabric so am shy about buying on line. However, this post helps me imagine the possibilities of different fabric bases. Still not there yet but almost. Thank you for the inspiration and ongoing support. You are a re ally inspiring businesswoman.

  • Awesome, well done. Really informative


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